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Artists Collecting Art

  • October 3 - 30, 1998

In most of our exhibitions, artists show works that they themselves have created. For the first time the gallery will focus on a different aspect; the artist as an art collector. We asked 18 local artists to select one or two pieces from their own art collection.

For those who are interested a photographic example that is typical of each of the artists work will be available in the exhibition notebook. The motivation of this exhibition is to learn what type of art speaks to those who are creators themselves.

We have asked each of the artists to share with us why they were drawn to the work on exhibit. Many of the pieces have meaningful histories and personal significance to the artist collectors. You will find it interesting and even surprising to see what some of our local artists have in their collections.

Those of you who are regular patrons of the gallery, will be familiar with the names and work of the artists we have asked to participate in this unique exhibition.

The artists include: Gerald Guthrie, Glen Davies, Ron Kovatch, Sarah Krepp, Peggy Shaw, Roger Blakley and Cecilia Allen, as well as many of the Parkland Art Faculty. This exhibit really provides the viewer with a new perspective of some of our favorite local artists.

This exhibit is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.





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