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image of Deborah Fell's, No Cure, art quilt
Deborah Fell

Judy Husband's art quilt image
Judy Husband

Mary McDonald's art quilt image
Mary McDonald



Cutting Through Tradition: Art Quilts
Quilts by Deborah Fell, Judy Husband, & Mary McDonald

  • May 20 - June 25, 1998

This exhibit featured the work of three local women who share a passion for Art Quilts and the expressive avenues this media provides them. The work by these artists is informed by the tradition of quilting that contains a history of beautiful, functional, intimate, and meaningful work.

Each artist addresses the tradition of quilting through the use of materials, scale, and technique while at the same time compelling the work to leave the realm of function to focus on personal expressions of meaning and creativity. Many of the Art quilts exhibited are in response to personal experiences, these events have provided a narrative developed within the piece, revealing personal symbols, growth and meaning.

The other theme in the exhibit is the experimental work that is being done with Art Quilts. You will see quilts that concentrate on abstract ideas, color theory, or respond to unique materials using a collage approach to the media.

Deborah Fell of Urbana, teaches Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disorders students at Urbana High School. She is founding member of Art Quilters of Central Illinois.

Judy Husband of Champaign, also has a background in education and is a former traditional quilter. She began quiltmaking in 1990.

Mary B. McDonald also of Champaign, has a strong background in textiles and clothing having her own business as a designer and weaver of HandWoven Designs. In 1991 her interest shifted from clothing to art quilts.

This exhibit is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.





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