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Image of Robert Lee Mejer's art piece "Womb"
Robert Lee Mejer, Womb
watercolor monotype assemblegraph, 30x22.5"
monotype collage, 48x36", 1996

Roger L. Crossgrove, Waldoboro Fracture VII-99, image
Roger L. Crossgrove, Waldoboro Fracture VII-99
watercolor, 19x21", 1999


Monotype Invitational

  • Curated by Robert Lee Mejer
  • November 10 - December 10, 1999

Monotype Invitational, featuring the works of contemporary monotype artists, was at the Parkland Art Gallery November 10-December 10. Curator, Robert Lee Mejer, wanted viewers to observe the variety and spontaneity of the medium. Participating artists included: Sarah Amos, Roger L. Crossgrove, Nancy Frises, Oscar Jay Gillespie, Thomas H. Majeski, Dennis Olsen, and Joseph Zirker. This exhibit was one of the few in the Midwest to focus on the possibilities and richness of monotype as a serious medium for artistic expression.

Overall the show was a kaleidoscope of color and collage. Many of the artists used layers of monotypes to create colorful images. The works varied in size and subject, but all captured the sense of spontaneity that defines the medium. In their artists' statements, several of them expressed delight in how unpredictable and abstract it is to work with monotypes. Most draw directly onto the plates with no predetermined ideas, thus developing their works in the process of creating them.

This exhibit is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.





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