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1999 Parkland Fine Art Student Juried Exhibition

  • April 22 - May 7, 1999

Have you ever wondered what the art students have been learning in their classes at Parkland? The Fine Art Students exhibit gave us a chance to see the results of their arduous work. Art students learn basic principles of design and form in their many courses at Parkland. Good design skills were evident in the work produced for the two-dimensional and three-dimensional courses. Sculpture, photography, metalwork and ceramic pieces were also on exhibit. An assortment of drawings, from still lifes to figure studies, displayed many students development in drawing expertise. The variety of paintings demonstrated several different techniques and provided us with a visual splendor. This exhibit was a commanding show of the talent and learning that has been encouraged in the Art department all year. The exhibit highlighted the accomplishments of many talented, dedicated and hard working students.

The exhibition in itself is a learning experience. The students must edit a years worth of production down to only four works to be entered for consideration. These pieces must be presented in a professional manner. The work is then juried by the art faculty as a whole who must narrow over 500 entries down to a manageable number to be displayed in the gallery. The students learn some of the tough realities of juried exhibits and competition with their peers. An impressive 139 students were represented!

Four top honors were given to students exhibiting in the Fine Arts Students Juried Exhibition.

  • Ji-Young Kil of Urbana received the Cinnia Vaky Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship recognizes sustained excellence in studio disciplines as well as academic performances. The scholarship was established by Russell Vaky, of Champaign, in memory of his mother.
  • Karen Ryan of Champaign received the Merchandise award from the Art Coop, for sustained studio excellence.
  • Wilma R. Witt of Rantoul received the President's Award for Excellence for her ceramic sculpture, "Drift".
  • Susanna Sanchez of Urbana received the Department Chairs' Award for her sterling silver constructed ring.

Fine Art Student Exhibitors 1999

Sarah Aagasen
Nicoleta Albu
Joanna Amberger - (Merit Award and Purchase Award)
Lindsey Arends
Leonor Assuncao
Veralee Atkins
Ju Bang
Lisa Barber
Heather Bennett - (Merit Award)
Jason Bentley - (Merit Award)
Neil Bernstein
Ricky Biddle
Elizabeth Birky - (Merit Award)
Heather Bittner
Kathy Bloch
Adam Boskey
Michael W. Bowers - (Merit Award)
Julie Brandmeyer
Linda Brewster - (Purchase Award)
Tommy D. Brown II
Jessica Brubaker - (Merit Award)
Kate Burner - (Merit Award and Purchase Award)
Brian Butler
Kristin Cain
Candy Campeggio
Sara Carr
Carrie Charette
Alyce Chesra
Hong-Youl Choi - (Merit Award)
Brian Clark - (Purchase Award)
Mike Cochran - (Merit Award)
Corbin Covher
Magaret DeCarty - (Merit Award)
Abby Delmotte
Elizabeth Denton - (Merit Award)
Scott Deppe
Erinn Dody
Cheryl Drake
Bryan Drew
Debbie Duderstadt - (Merit Award)
Linda Dumich - (Merit Award)
Carmen Egulf
Jacob Emberton - (Merit Award)
Myung Eun An
Kara Fadden
Harold Fleming
Jeanne Freeman - (Merit Award)
Jes Gadbury
Stephanie Gaines - (Merit Award)
Natalie Glaser
Sean Gordon
Rebecca Haigh
Katrina Hanners
Jessica Hanrahan
Stephanie Hill - (Merit Award)
Lisa Homann
Gabriel Horton
Kathy Horton
Jennifer Hotz - (Merit Award and Purchase Award)
Aaron Houser - (Merit Award)
Gail Hug
Sandy Hynds - (Merit Award)
Atusushi Iha
Soon Young Jeon
Audrey Jerrolds
Josh Johanek - (Merit Award)


Ji-Young Kil - (Vaky Award)
Young Mee Ko
Ellen Kordik
Charl Krauss - (Merit Award)
Susie Lake - (Merit Award)
Melissa Lareau
Lisette Leburton
Alex Lee
Kang-Won Lee - (Merit Award)
Xuesong Li - (Purchase Award)
Dianna Lienard
Yun-Hyung Lim - (Merit Award)
Julie Loza
Vicky Lybarger
Maralee C. Lyons - (Merit Award)
Mays Mahayni
Janette Maher - (Purchase Award)
Molly Malone
Mwansa Mandela - (Merit Award)
Barbara Marcketta
Ruth Marrett
Laura McCain
Sarah McDevitt
Ann McDowell - (Merit Award)
Lawrence McGown - (Merit Award)
Tracy Melton
Jeremy Miller
Jamie Miller
Ryan Miller
John Nine
Kathryn Norris - (Merit Award)
John O'Connor
Becky Oles - (Merit Award)
Penelope Osio Brown
Casey Owens
Jackie Parks
Tom Philpott
Randy Plankenhorn
Angela Ray
Gloria Rayburn
Jon Reis
Rebecca Renwick
Thomas Richard
Victoria Ruiz
Julie Rusk
Karen Ryan - (Art Coop Award)
Nichole Samson
Susana Sanchez - (Department Chair's Award)
Steven Seghi
Judy Selen - (Merit Award)
John Short
Kathleen Skamel
Cindy Smith - (Merit Award)
Rochelle Smith
Mary Stasheff
Liddia Stevens - (Merit Award)
Guokuang Sun
J. Matthew Sutton
Kayo Tsuyama
Kurt Turner
Carroll Valli
Diane Waltermire
R.C. Wicklund
Wilma R. Witt - (President's Award)
Ingeborg Yates
Duandvan Zhao

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency. Parkland is a section 504/ADA-compliant institution. For accommodation, call 217/351-2505.



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