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Sherry L. Best image titled Parabolic Branch

Sherry L. Best, Parabolic Branch
gelatin silver print, 9x9"

Mark McLoughlin, image called Time and Place #14

Mark McLoughlin, Time and Place #14
pinhole photograph stereoscopic, 5 x 8.5"

Explorations Through Light:
An Exhibit of Photographs

  • January 10 - February 11, 2000

The photography of Sherry L. Best and Mark McLoughlin were featured in the exhibit, Explorations Through Light, from January 10 to February 11. Though the subject matter and method of their work varies, both artists succeed in making simple images seem extraordinary.

Best's collection of photographs focused on the relationship between the environment and humankind. Each image was an observation of the patterns of nature. She explained in her artist's statement: "Everything we have learned, we learned from observing nature. By selecting views and details from nature, I try to bring some of the beauty and energy of the living spaces into the still moment of art." Her black and white photographs allowed the viewer to focus on the visual rhythms and textures of the natural world. Without color the viewer was restricted from making any cultural summaries about the environment.

McLouglin exhibited two series of works taken with pinhole cameras. As Mark explained in his artist's statement, "Using a hand-built camera, with paper as a negative returns the medium to its nascent period of simple light gathering." He compounded the idea of using an old method for documenting a futuristic subject in his series entitled "Time and Place: Stereoscopic Images of the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao". Each photograph in the series looked three-dimensional when viewed through special stereoscopic glasses. The second series of his work, entitled "Natural Selection" was a personal reflection on images of nature and culture in a response to his recent move from Seattle, Washington to New York City.

On Thursday, February 3 both artists were honored at a reception held in the gallery lounge at which McLoughlin gave a talk to interested patrons about his work and that of Sherry L. Best. Interested gallery patrons also had an opportunity to hear McLoughlin speak about his work during the first in a series of scholarly artist talks funded with the donation given by James Vaky. McLoughlin shared his beginnings as an art student at Cornish College and reasons for his immediate love of photography. He emphasized the importance of his early explorations in photography and mixed media, encouraging students present at the talk to take their early work seriously. McLoughlin also spoke of his professional work with a video photographer, as well as several inspirational trips abroad to Italy and Japan. It was McLoughlin's fascination with early photography that led him towards his experimentation with pin hole cameras.



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