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Image of Art and Design Student Exhibition for 2000

2000 Parkland Fine Art Student Juried Exhibition

  • April 20 through May 5, 2000

The Parkland Art Gallery proudly presented the annual Fine Art Student Juried Exhibition. This show was an excellent visual record of the learning that has been taking place all year. This exhibit displayed a broad spectrum of media including, drawing , painting, metals, clay, design, photography, and sculpture. It was a public recognition of the accomplishments made by these talented, dedicated and hard working students. To celebrate the event, a reception was held Thursday, April 20 in the Gallery Lounge.

This year initiated three new awards for Parkland students. The Underwood Art Scholarship, a full tuition scholarship, was awarded to Nanda Palmieri of Urbana. The Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts provided a Arrowmont Scholarship for a summer workshop for $400 to Kristin Cain of Champaign. The Lewis Insurance Store, Inc. also made a purchase award of Jon Crowder's watercolor "The American Farm."

Other awards given included the Cinnia Vaky Memorial Scholarship awarded to Kristin Cain of Champaign for her excellence in the studio discipline as well as academic performance. Art Coop provided a $100 merchandise award to Valerie Tkachenko of Champaign. The Parkland College President's Award was given to Mike Cochran of Champaign and the Department Chair of Fine and Applied Arts Award went to Brian Butler of Champaign. 47 Merit awards were given for excellent work. A total of 180 pieces were exhibited representing 107 Parkland students.

This exhibit was partially supported by Parkland College Student Activities.

Fine Art Student Exhibitors:

  • Myung-Eun An Champaign
  • Leonor Assuncao Urbana - Merit Award
  • Enid Bell Champaign
  • Elizabeth A. Birky Gibson City - Merit Award
  • Lisa Bolliger Mahomet - Merit Award
  • Adam Boskey Champaign
  • Julie Brandmeyer Champaign
  • Felicia Breen Champaign - Merit Award
  • Linda Brewster White Heath - Merit Award
  • Felicia Brown Champaign
  • Tommy D. Brown II Loda - Merit Award
  • Brian Butler Champaign - Merit Award & Fine and Applied Art Dept. Chair Award
  • Kristin Cain Champaign - Merit & Purchase Awards, Vaky & Arrowmont Scholarship
  • Cindy Carlson Mahomet - Merit & Purchase Awards
  • Anita Chen Urbana - Merit & Purchase Awards
  • Alyce Cheska Urbana
  • Jo Christenson Sidney
  • Brian Clark Urbana
  • Fred Clark Mahomet
  • Mike Cochran Champaign - Merit Awards & Presidents Award
  • Abby Collins Mahomet
  • Cat Connelly Champaign
  • Marketa Coop Urbana - Merit Awards
  • Victor Cortez Champaign - Merit Award
  • Jon Crowder Champaign - Merit Award & The Lewis Insurance Store, Inc. Award
  • Elizabeth Denton Urbana - Merit Award
  • Robin Dickinson Loda
  • John Douglas Urbana
  • Kira Duckett Urbana - Merit Award
  • Debbie Duderstadt Urbana - Merit Award
  • Tristin Duke Urbana
  • Jeremy Eagles Urbana
  • Carmen Egolf Champaign
  • Shem El-Jamal Champaign
  • Holly Estler Champaign
  • Hayley Farrington Champaign - Merit Award
  • Niki Findlay Monticello
  • Jessie R. Gadbury Champaign
  • Rachel Gaffron Champaign
  • Julie Garner Champaign
  • Floyd Giles Champaign
  • Rebecca Haigh Champaign - Merit & Purchase Awards
  • Margaret Hammond Champaign - Merit Award
  • Lisa Harsharger Seymour - Merit Award
  • Nancy Hernandez Champaign
  • Stephanie Holderfield Mahomet
  • Kathy Hughes Urbana
  • Sandy Hynds Champaign
  • Karen James Urbana
  • Barb Johanek Champaign
  • Chloe Ju Champaign - Merit Awards
  • Robert Kaineg Mahomet
  • Sarah Kanouse Urbana - Merit Award
  • Olga Kiritchok Urbana
  • Charl Krauss Champaign - Merit Award
  • Chiayu Kuo Urbana - Merit Award
  • Dennis Lewis Philo
  • Patrick Lizer Homer
  • Vicky Lybarger Rankin
  • Mays Mahayni Champaign
  • Mwansa Mandela Champaign
  • Ruth Marrett Mahomet
  • Ann McDowell Champaign - Merit Award
  • Jeramie Miller Mansfield
  • Michele Miller Urbana
  • Jeremy Motley Rantoul
  • Michael Murphy Champaign - Merit Award
  • Jennifer Murray Sadorus - Merit Award
  • Papia Nandi Urbana - Merit Award
  • Todd Niemann Champaign - Merit Award
  • John Nine Champaign
  • John O'Connor Champaign
  • Casey Owens Champaign - Merit Award
  • Nanda Palmieri Urbana - Merit Awards & Underwood Art Scholarship
  • Justin Partridge Rantoul
  • Gabrielle Patton Urbana
  • Kimberly Pershing Champaign
  • Therese Peskowits Champaign
  • Shannon Puls Champaign
  • Gloria Rayburn Dewey
  • Katie Rentschler Champaign
  • Dianna Rickard Urbana - Merit Award
  • Theresa Roney Rantoul
  • Elizabeth R. Rousey Gibson City
  • David Rowe Champaign - Merit Award
  • Ben Rund Champaign - Merit Award
  • Barbara Rusk Mahomet
  • Jennifer Salyers Champaign
  • Chris Sandel Urbana
  • Jordon Schilling Mattoon
  • Martha Seif Urbana - Merit Award
  • Judy Selen Urbana
  • Cindy Smith Mahomet - Merit & Purchase Awards
  • Brian J. Sullivan Champaign - Merit Award
  • Bonnie Switzer Urbana
  • Valerie Tkachenko Champaign - Merit Award & Art Coop Award
  • L.D. Trumble Loda
  • Christie Vanuren Mahomet
  • Jorg Vees Champaign
  • Curt Walker Dewey
  • Jessica Whidden Urbana
  • Vanessa Whittem Champaign
  • Wilma Witt Rantoul
  • Chung Wu Champaign - Purchase Award
  • Ingeborg Yates Champaign - Merit Award
  • Chad Yeadon Bellflower
  • Heather Zinger Urbana

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency. Parkland is a section 504/ADA-compliant institution. For accommodation, call 217/351-2505.



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