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Expect the Unexpected

  • July 2 - August 2, 2001
  • Reception: Thursday July 12 from 6 - 8 p.m. Gallery Lounge

Have you ever walked down the street and seen something that made you take a double take? Well, the new exhibit in the Parkland Art Gallery is filled with works that will cause you to take a second look. “Expect the Unexpected” is an exhibit of photographs and photo transfers that have snatched moments of the unusual. These artists have captured unexpected images, some that are from real life situations and others that have been created or staged.
Connecticut artist Keith Johnson uses his camera to freeze a moment in time that heightens our awareness of the ironic visual scenes around us. He is able to see the humorous and quizzical juxtapositions in everyday occurrences such as a single truck fenced in at an isolated parking lot. Michigan artist, Darlene Kaczmarczyk, also uses photography to investigate the aspects of the ordinary “domestic life.” Darlene works with a pinhole camera to take photographs of settings she has staged. The works in this exhibit are from her “Doll House Series” that was inspired by issues raised in Henrick Ibsen’s play of the same title. Appropriately, Darlene uses dolls, action figures, and doll houses as her props for these images, yet presents them in an almost surreal manner. Local artist Brian Sullivan, exhibits works that also show evidence of a surrealist influence. Brian appropriates images from a number of different sources to create unique juxtapositions of images that hint at narratives without telling the full story.

This exhibit presents a group of fun yet thought provoking works to enjoy during the heat of the summer. The public is invited to come to the exhibit reception on Thursday, July 12 from 6 - 8 p.m. Parkland Art Gallery volunteers are generously providing refreshments for this event.

  • Participating artists:
    Keith Johnson, Darlene Kaczmarczyk, Brian Sullivan
    Exhibit at the Parkland Art Gallery are partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

Programs at the Parkland Art Gallery are partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a State agency. All events are free and open to the public.



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