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Beyond the Colored Clouds

  • An art exhibition selected from the Yunnan Province of China
  • June 30 - August 7, 2003

This exhibit offers a unique, firsthand experience of important artworks selected from the Yunnan Province in the People's Republic of China. 
“Yun" is Chinese for "clouds," while "Nan" means "south." Various colors and shapes of the clouds over the Yunnan plateau give the area its full name, "South of the Colorful Clouds." This exhibition goes beyond the colored clouds; it reveals the mysterious and fascinating art created by the Yunnan people through their continuous learning, experiments, developments, and struggles.  The artworks included in this exhibition were selected from Dr. Yu Wang's collection and organized in three parts: the landscape of Yunnan: an introduction to the province's historical and cultural background; traditional Chinese water-ink scholars' paintings; and a renaissance in Chinese painting: the new movements of the Yunnan School of Painting.


Programs at the Parkland Art Gallery are partially supported by Parkland College Student Activities. This program is partially sponsored by an Illinois Arts Council Grant.

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