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One-Day Bus Trips

Join us for a variety of one-day bus trips. Seating is limited. No refunds after the registration deadline. Please inform us of any accessibility issues when registering. Contact community Education at 217/353-2055 to secure your seat.

  • GIERTZ GALLERY ART EXPEDITION: Kerry James Marshall: Mastry at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Join gallery director Lisa Costello and Laura O’Donnell, Parkland art history instructor, for a day trip to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art to see the work of Kerry James Marshall, one of America's significant living artists. In his powerful works, Marshall draws on the history of western art and blends it with the African American experience. The exhibition focuses primarily on Marshall's paintings made over the last 35 years, from his seminal inaugural statement Portrait of the Artist as a Shadow of His Former Self (1980) to his most recent explorations of African American history.

After viewing the exhibition, you will have several hours to explore the rest of the Museum of Contemporary Art and eat lunch on your own.

Friday, September 16 7:30am - 6:30pm $85 (lunch additional).
Bus departs from BTCE, Registration deadline: September 2


  • GIERTZ GALLERY ART EXPEDITION: China's First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors at the Field Museum

When not conquering and ruling a unified China, Emperor Qin Shihuang spent a significant portion of his life preparing for the afterlife. This included commissioning an army of about 8,000 terracotta figures including horses, archers, charioteers, infantry, and generals for the areas surrounding his palatial tomb. Discovered by farmers in 1974, some of these warriors along with other grave goods have been allowed to leave China and travel to the United States.

Join Lisa Costello, art gallery director, and John Eby to tour the exhibition of these famous warriors on display at the Field Museum in Chicago. After viewing the exhibition, you will have several hours to eat lunch at and explore the rest of the Field Museum.

Friday, October 21 7:30am - 6:30pm $95 (lunch additional). Bus departs from BTCE, Registration deadline: October 7



These trips are a collaborative fundraising effort between Community Education and Giertz Gallery to assist with art exhibits and programming.

Please contact Community Education at 217/353-2055 to purchase a ticket. Seating is limited.



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